International Conference on the Structure of Baryons


19 – 22 October 2021


Hotel Ribera de Triana
Plaza Chapina, s/n. 41010 Sevilla (Triana)

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The International Conference on the Structure of Baryons, Baryons 2021, will take place in Seville, the capital of Andalusia, Spain, in the period of 19-22 October 2021. This conference series began in 1970 at Duke University. The Seville meeting follows the successful events in Glasgow (2013) and Tallahassee (2016); and will canvass similar themes. It will highlight the physics of baryons and related subjects in astro-, nuclear- and particle-physics, developing our understanding of the spectrum, structure and reactions of baryons using all available tools. Particular emphasis will be placed on elucidating the role of confinement and emergent mass, key non-perturbative phenomena within the Standard Model. Recent developments at existing facilities and those anticipated from the next-generation will also be showcased.

Main Topics Include: 

Spectroscopy of Light / Heavy Flavor Hadrons
Light/heavy flavor hadrons, Resonances, Exotics, Hadronic molecules, Spectroscopy and Lattice QCD.

Hadron-Hadron Interactions
Meson-meson, meson-baryon and baryon-baryon interactions, Anti-proton interactions.

Electromagnetic and Weak Interactions
Photo and electro productions of hadrons, P and CP-violating processes in nucleons and nuclei.

Hadrons at Finite Density and Temperature
The QCD vacuum, Chiral symmetry, Hadron properties, QGP, Heavy ion collisions.

Structure of Hadrons
Form Factors, Structure Functions, GPDs, TMDs, Fragmentation functions.

Recent Approaches to Non-Perturbative QCD
Continuum Schwinger-function methods, lattice QCD, models and phenomenology.

New Facilities and Instrumentation
EIC, EicC, FAIR, HE-HL LHC, super tau-charm factories, ILC, etc.

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